Configure Firmware

Provides a frontend for hardware features like built-in effects, brightness, DPI and polling interval.

Controller, Tray or Terminal

Accessible via 3 interfaces:
The main application, tray applet*, or command line.

Inspect Device Info

Find out the firmware version, serial number and test individually addressable LEDs.

Design Custom Effects

Created in pixels and frames. Make static or animated mappings for your game, application, or ambience.

Troubleshooter Included

OpenRazer not working? No devices found? Find out the problem.

Multiple Distro Support

Packaged for the circle of friends, green chameleons, blue arches and more.

More Details

More in the pipeline!

Pipeline indicators

Check out the Roadmap

To learn more about the project, visit the documentation website (accessible via “Docs” tab in the top-left)

* To use the tray applet, your desktop environment needs to support the system tray or indicators. Some distributions & environments require additional steps.