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Welcome, BlackWidow & friends!

Polychromatic is a frontend for OpenRazer that enables Razer devices to control lighting effects and more on GNU/Linux.


Manage RGB lighting peripherals on GNU/Linux

Screenshot of Polychromatic's Controller application
Screenshot of Polychromatic's tray applet
Screenshot of the terminal running polychromatic-cli

Compatible with OpenRazer

Supporting over 120 devices, including: keyboards, mice, mouse mats and headsets.

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No clouds, no login

Software running locally on your computer, like it should.

It's free and open source

Licensed and distributed under the GPLv3.

Snake, meet penguin.

Tux meets a snake

Polychromatic complements OpenRazer for controlling Razer hardware on Linux, with more features and vendors still to come!

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(Legal stuff: the real snake logo is trademarked, and both projects are NOT afflicated by Razer!)