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Welcome, BlackWidow & friends!

Polychromatic is a frontend for OpenRazer that enables Razer devices to control lighting effects and more on GNU/Linux.



The graphical application to set effects, create key mapping for applications and manage hardware settings.

Tray Applet

Conveniently alter the lighting and features of your devices a few clicks away.

The next version will introduce a command line tool for keyboard warriors!

Works with OpenRazer

Supports over 100+ devices, with improvements on the way.

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No clouds, no registration

Local software that runs on your computer, like it should.

It's free and open source

Licensed and distributed under the GPLv3.

Razer, snake… meet penguin.

Tux meets a snake

Whether you’ve got one or planning to buy Razer peripherals, OpenRazer + Polychromatic will cover your gaming weapon.