What is Polychromatic?

Polychromatic is a set of front-end tools that interface with the OpenRazer daemon. It complements the software with graphical tools to get the most of your Razer device on GNU/Linux, similar to the features found on Razer Synapse.

The application is written in Python, with the Controller application powered by WebKit. There are other tools with similar functionality, such as razerCommander (GTK) and RazerGenie (Qt).

What is OpenRazer?

OpenRazer is a driver and daemon which analyses the protocols used to speak to Razer peripherals to control their lighting and hardware effects. It also exposes an API for scripts and applications (like this one!) to control the devices at a higher level.

The daemon is written in Python, with a driver for device-specific features like handling macros. It is an unofficial implementation and is not endorsed by Razer themselves.

Is Windows or Mac supported?

Not at the moment. First, OpenRazer will need to port the daemon and Python library required by Polychromatic to these platforms.

One of the OpenRazer team members is experimenting with this using hidapi.

Are other LED peripherals supported, such as Logitech or Corsair?

Not at the moment. The software has been heavily designed around the OpenRazer daemon, and it would be very messy to bolt on other brands or daemons with the current codebase. Potentially, this may be supported in the distant future.